PJMastery Group Consulting Engineers provides a steel connection design and detail service to numerous steel fabricators and contractors with experience ranges from standard grade 4.6 and 8.8 bolts to HSFG, Hollo-Bolts including various kinds welded connections.

See some of our connection design services in Ireland and UK.

• Costa Cofee Shop in Cavan,
• Lidl Stores Chappenham
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• Lidl Burgess Hill

Steel connections designed to the highest standards
Our highly-skilled structural engineering team use the latest technology to produce a range of simple and moment connections to meet Eurocode 3 standards. If your project calls for more complex connection configurations, we also have that covered. Our experience includes meeting complex connection design challenges across a range of sectors.
Whatever the specification of your structural steel connection, we always aim to refine the design to maximise productivity and reduce project costs. To ensure the highest standards, all steel connection designs are approved by our Chartered Structural Engineers prior to delivery.


SCI P358: Simple connections to Eurocode 3

  • Beam to beam and beam to column connections
  • Column splices
  • Column bases
  • Bracing connections
  • Special connections

SCIP398 Moment resisting connections to Eurocode 3

  • Bolted end plate connections between beams and columns typically used in multi-storey frames
  • Bolted end connections typically used in portal frames
  • Bolted splice connections
  • Welded connections between beams and columns
  • Column bases

Specialist steel connection designs

We are also experienced in producing specialised connection designs, including column bases and chemical anchor fixings between steel beams and concrete walls or columns, and complex truss connections. No matter how complex your connection needs, we will meet the challenge!
Not sure if we design the right steel connections for your project? Contact us for more information or to get a project estimate.


Specialty consulting, Design & Analysis

PJMGC has an excellent team  of structural engineers with a wide body of experience in analysis, design, detailing and specification in reinforced concrete, structural steel, masonry and timber for commercial, retail, industrial and residential structures.

Cost-effective designs are produced promptly with the aid of powerful computer software such as Master Series design suite, STAAD Pro 9.0 and CAD RC software for detailing of R C Designs and Rebar schedule generation.

  • We offer this service through three different roles:
  • Client Representative
  • Independent Const. & Project Management
  • Integrated Const. & Project Management